DevOps Curriculum


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Welcome to Devop Training at Devopclinics! Dive into the heart of our curriculum by exploring our detailed course outline below. Discover the structure, topics, and learning objectives that will guide you through your educational journey.

  • Linux


    1. Introduction to Linux
    2. Basic Linux Command
    3. File System Navigation
    4. User and Group Management
    5. Permissions and Ownership
    6. Shell Scripting Basics
    7. Networking
    8. And More
  • Automation


    1. Introduction to Automation
    2. Shell Scripting for Automation
    3. Using Cron Jobs
    4. Introduction to Ansible
    5. Ansible playbooks and roles
    6. Automating Infrastructure Provisioning
    7. And More
  • Versioning


    1. Introduction to Version Control Systems (VCS)
    2. Git Basics
    3. Branching and Merging
    4. Working with Remote Repositories
    5. Git Workflow Strategies
    6. Git Best Practices
  • Configuration As Code

    Configuration As Code

    1. Introduction to Configuration Management
    2. Using Ansible for Configuration Management
    3. Ansible Roles For Configuration Management
    4. Infrastructure as Code vs. Configuration as code
    5. Configuration Drift and Remediation
  • Infrastructure As Code (IAC)

    Infrastructure As Code (IAC)

    1. Introduction to AIC
    2. Using Terraform for Infrastructure Provisioning
    3. Terraform Configuration Files
    4. Managing Infrastructure States
    5. Terraform Best Practices
  • Containerization


    1. Introduction to Containers
    2. Docker Fundamentals
    3. Docker Images And Containers
    4. Docker Networking and Volume
    5. Docker Compose
    6. Dockerfile Best Practice
  • Orchestration


    1. Introduction to Orchestration
    2. Kubernetes Overview
    3. Deploying Applications with Kubernetes
    4. Kubernetes Pods, Deployment, and Services
    5. Scaling and Load Balancing with Kubernetes
    6. Monitoring and Logging in Kubernetes
  • Cloud Technologies

    Cloud Technologies

    1. Cloud Computing Basics
    2. Cloud Service Model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
    3. Cloud Provider Overview (AWS, Azure, GCP)
    4. Cloud Resource Management
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment)

    CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment)

    1. Introduction to CI/CD
    2. setting Up Continuous Integration Pipelines
    3. Version Control Integration
    4. Automated Testing in CI/CD pipelines 
    5. Continuous Deployment Strategies
    6. Monitoring and Feedback Loop in CI/CD
  • Pipeline as a code

    Pipeline as a code

    1. JenkinsFile 
    2. GitHub Actions
  • Testing


    1. Introduction to Testing
    2. Types of Testing (Unit, Integration, System, Acceptance)
    3. Test-Driven Development (TDD)
    4. Test Automation Tools (Junit, Selenium, Pytest)
    5. Test Coverage and Code Quality Metrics)
  • Security


    1. Introduction to DevScOps
    2. Secure Coding Practice
    3. Vulnerability Management
    4. Container Security Best Practices
    5. Continuous Security Monitoring
    6. Compliance as Code
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